Perth private escort

Frequently asked questions:


Q: I don’t see a particular service listed, do you do it?
A: All services that I enjoy performing and am comfortable with are already available! As I gain life and sexual experience I’m sure my list will grow, please don’t push my boundaries.

Q: Do you see women, couples or can I bring a male friend?
A: As delicious as this sounds, I’m not currently comfortable with this. I don’t have much experience with women and don’t believe that I would be able to offer an amazing experience.

Q: Can I bring you a gift? What do you like?
A: Surprise me! I obviously never expect any sort of gift but a nice card, flowers, scented candle or a bottle of wine that we can enjoy together is always a really nice gesture and guarantees you special treatment. A donation to an animal rescue is also amazing.

Q: Can we post a video together on your OnlyFans account?
A: Definitely! Please let me know if this is something you would like to do. Filming is on my device, I will edit and send you a copy.

Q: I’m nervous/shy/never done this before!
A: That’s okay, I sometimes get nervous meeting new clients for the first time too. 

All you need to bring along is yourself and the payment, in cash. I supply everything that we will need from condoms and lube to toiletries.
When you arrive we’ll have a quick chat, I’ll ask you to have a quick freshen up in the bathroom and you will come out in your towel (or in the nude, I’m not your boss!) and we can chat, cuddle, play and whatever else!

Q: Can you come to my place?
A: At this point, I am available for in-call only bookings where you come to me. I may offer out-calls in the future but as a young, private escort I feel safest in my own space and safety = a more fun and relaxed atmosphere!

Q: I have a question that you haven’t answered here!
A: You can ask me on Curious Cat:

terms and conditions

Upon making a booking with me you agree with the following: 

  • Asking for or attempting natural sex, anal, removing condom without my knowledge or any service not listed or previously discussed will result in an automatic booking termination with no refund offered.
  • Filming or taking photos of a session that hasn’t been previously discussed or paid for will result in an automatic booking termination with no refund offered.
  • When making a deposit for a booking, a refund may be offered with 48hr notice at my discretion.
  • If you make me fear for my safety, belongings or in call space it will result in an automatic booking termination with no refund offered.
  • I have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, if you arrive under the influence or bring drugs with you to my in-call with the intention of consuming will result in an automatic booking termination with no refund offered. A nice bottle of bubbly is encouraged though ;)
  • If you cancel a booking within one hour of start time, I will require a deposit either via Beem It or a Prezzee Gift Card to be confident enough to book you again.
  • If you know me outside of Sofia, you are not welcome to book or contact me. I will turn you away at the door, please do not try and deceive me by using a false name or age – I will recognise you and it will be awkward for both of us.
  • If you are a Caucasian Australian male aged under 25 years old, I am not comfortable with seeing you. All other races and ages accepted.
  • Showering on arrival is non-negotiable, please wash your junk so that I can give you awesome head!