Term & Conditions

 I have decided to implement some T’s and C’s as I believe it is in my best interest as well as yours. You will find that my T’s and C’s are mostly common sense and very fair.

I have the right to eject you from the booking at any time, for any reason, without a refund or compensation if I deem you have behaved badly. 

For example;
⋆ Making me fear for my safety, belongings or in-call.
⋆ Refusing to shower or having subpar hygiene. Toiletries and fresh towels are available for your use.
⋆ Video/audio recording or taking photos of our session without prior explicit approval
⋆ Arriving under the influence of hard drugs/alcohol or attempting to do drugs at my in-call.
⋆ STI’s, lesions or sores on or near your genitals
⋆ Asking or hinting at services I do not provide such as natural sex, swallowing or anal
⋆ Removing condom without my knowledge in an attempt to ‘stealth’ me. 


No Show Policy:

If you have ‘no-showed’ me in the past (ex. made a booking but didn’t show) a $50 no-show fee/non-refundable deposit may be applicable if you wish to book me again. This also applies to cancelations within 1 hour of your booking.
If I need to cancel, a small discount is sometimes applicable to your next booking.

Payments are to be made in cash on arrival. Bank transfers and EFTPOS are not available. I cannot guarantee that I will have the right change, so please bring the correct amount. 

Natural oral is at my discretion based on how I perceive your personal health and hygiene.

By making a booking with me, you are agreeable to all of the above. Thanks for understanding.